Eagletail Mountains Wilderness

Location and Description

The 100,600 acre Eagletail Mountains Wilderness is about 65 miles west of Phoenix, Arizona in Maricopa Yuma, and La Paz Counties.

The Eagletail Mountains' ridgeline includes 15 miles of wilderness from the Courthouse Rock to the north, Cemetary Ridge to the south, and a large desert plain area between the two ridgelines. Several different rock strata are visible in most places, with natural arches, high spires, monoliths, jagged sawtooth ridges and numerous washes six to eight miles long.

Recreation such as extended horseback riding and backpacking trips, sightseeing, photography, rock climbing and day hiking are enhanced by the topography diversity, scenic character, size as well as the botanical, wildlife, and cultural values of the area.



From Phoenix, travel west along Interstate 10 to the Tonopah exit. Travel south from Tonopah to the paved Salome Highway, then west to the Harquahala Valley via the Courthouse Rock Road. Roads near the wilderness include the pipeline maintenance road on the north and East Clanton Well Road on the south. High - clearance or four - wheel - drive vehicles are needed for access to the wilderness boundary.

Nonfederal Lands

Some lands around and within the wilderness are not federally administered. Please respect the property rights of the owners and do not cross or use these lands without their permission.


Leave No Trace

Leave the area as you would like to find it. Pack out all trash; do not bury your trash, as animals will dig it up after you leave. Dogs disturb wildlife and other visitors; if you bring a dog, keep it under control at all times. If you need a fire, keep it small and away from rock outcrops. If you build a fire ring, please dismantle it when you're through and bury the ashes before leaving the area. Cigarette butts, pull -tabs, orange peels, etc., are all litter. PACK IT IN - PACK IT OUT.



As with other types of outdoor activities, wilderness travel poses some potential hazards. You may encounter flashfloods, poisonous snakes and insects, poisonous plants, or lighting storms. Be aware of your exposure to heat or cold. Don't panic if you get lost. Carry an ample supply of water with you since many areas may have inadequate or contaminated water sources.

For More Information, Contact:
Bureau of Land Management
Yuma Field Office
2555 East Gila Ridge Road
Yuma, Az 85365-2240

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