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Colorado River News

Pros race Saturday and Sunday on Lake Havasu
Sheldon captures third straight Pro-Am Ski Stock World title
Friday on Polaris watercraft at 23rd IJSBA Dos Equis World Finals

Stars from BMX, FMX, Skateboard all part of Dos Equis Desert XX
At Crazy Horse RV Resort & Campground

LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ (October 8, 2004) -- Veteran Victor Sheldon, of Vista, CA, roared to his third consecutive world crown as 13 more World Championships were decided Friday at the 23rd International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) Dos Equis World Finals of personal watercraft racing. The event is being held through Sunday on Lake Havasu.

Featuring over 1,200 entries from nearly 40 U.S. States and over 30 nations, the IJSBA Dos Equis World Finals is the premier pwc racing extravaganza in the world. IJSBA World Championship titles are being contested in 22 closed-course racing classes as well as Pro Freestyle and Amateur Freestyle. IJSBA National Championships were decided in 12 Novice classes during the first three days of the event.

The racing spotlight turns to the top riders in the world for Saturday and Sunday as a total of 18 former IJSBA Pro and Pro-Am World Champions, who have combined for 40 titles, will be competing. Qualifying will at 10 a.m. tomorrow at the Crazy Horse RV Resort and Campgrounds and the finals will be held on Sunday starting at 9 a.m. The featured Pro Ski and Pro Runabout 1200 classes will us a three-moto format while the Pro-Am classes will compete in a two-moto format.

Also at stake this weekend is the IJSBA Nation’s Cup, awarded to the country whose top riders record the best finishes in the world championship classes. The USA has won every IJSBA Nation’s Cup this decade, although last year required a tie-breaker to defeat England while France was third.

In 2002, USA beat Thailand and France while the finishing order in 2001 and 2000 was the same: USA first, Brazil second and Thailand third. Kawasaki, Sea-Doo, Yamaha and Polaris will also be battling for manufacturer titles. Besides the USA, other strong teams are entered from England, France, Brazil, Canada, Japan and Thailand.

Individual daily General Admission tickets are $20 on Saturday and Sunday. Pit passes are an additional $20 each on Saturday and Sunday. A two-day General Admission ticket is available for just $30.

Special IJSBA Super Passes, which include both a general admission ticket and a pit pass are also available at the gate. Two day Super Passes are $55 and Sunday only will be $40.

A three-time IJSBA National Champion, Sheldon rode a Polaris watercraft to his third straight IJSBA World Championship in Pro-Am Ski Stock. He powered his way to the title with first place finishes in both six-lap motos, earning his 50th IJSBA Pro career victory.

Second was Chris Fischetti, of Lake Havasu City, AZ, on a Polaris while third was Canada’s Mike Klippenstein on a Kawasaki.

With a total of five IJSBA Pro-Am World Championships decided on Friday, the other winners, who all won both of their motos, were: England’s Jordan Fielder (Pro-Am Ski Modified-Kawasaki), Dustin Farthing, Port Lucie, Fla. (Pro-Am Runabout 1200 Modified-Kawasaki), John Gondini, N. Las Vegas (Pro-Am Runabout 1200 Stock-Sea-Doo) and Thailand’s Chaowalit Kuajaroon (Sport SS-Sea-Doo).

Silver medalist in the Pro-Am Ski Modified was Brazil’s Lorenzo Zamprogna on a Kawasaki (4-2) while the Bronze medal went to Fischetti on a Kawasaki (3-3). Second in Pro-Am Runabout 1200 Modified was K.C. Heidler, Laguna Beach, CA, on a Yamaha (4-2) while third went to Rick Kantola, Henderson, CO, Sea-Doo (6-3).

Finishing second in Pro-Am Runabout 1200 Stock was Australia’s Scott Phillips on a Sea-Doo (3-2) while third was England’s James Bushell on another Sea-Doo (2-3)

Completing the podium in Sport SS were runner-up Tony Smith, Pasadena, CA, on a Sea-Doo (4-3) and third was Edward Quemoda, Diamond Bar, CA, Sea-Doo (3-4).

Canada’s Mike Klippenstein paced the IJSBA Expert World Champs with a pair of titles, winning both the Expert Ski Limited and Expert Veteran Ski SS crowns on Kawasaki watercraft. He was perfect in both classes, winning both six-lap motos in each as well as finishing first in the timed Slalom portion of the Expert classes.

The other IJSBA Expert title winners were: France’s Jean Baptise Botti (Expert Ski SS-Polaris, 3-1, 1), Thailand’s Theerawat Larhib (Expert Runabout 1200 SS-Sea-Doo), Brazil’s Celio Vinicius (Expert Runabout 1200 Ltd-Sea-Doo, 5-2, 2), Phanom Khunjeng (Expert Runabout 800SS-Sea-Doo, 1-2, 4), and Canada’s Rob Borycki (Expert Runabout 800 Ltd-Sea-Doo, 1-2, 3).

Brazil’s Joao Neto captured gold in Amateur Freestyle with a 47.4 score on a Yamaha. Silver went to Slovenia’s Nac Floriancic, 46.2 on a Yamaha, with the Bronze won by Brazil’s Everson Prodocimo, 45.3 on a Yamaha. With his triumph, Neto advances to compete in Saturday and Sunday’s Pro Freestyle competition.

Being held through Sunday, the Dos Equis Desert XX features the world’s largest and most prestigious PWC race in a sports and lifestyle festival that also includes demos by action sport stars from BMX and Skateboarding on half-pipe, a Freestyle Motocross air show, a Mini-Moto Grand Prix, live concerts, and the colorful Performance Alley. The race site for the sixth consecutive year is at the purpose-built Aqua Stadium on the grounds of the Crazy Horse RV Resort and Campgrounds.

The 2004 Dos Equis Desert XX, featuring the 23rd IJSBA Dos Equis World Finals, will be televised as three one-hour segments on Fusion TV, airing on Fox Sports Net from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. on three consecutive Wednesdays (Oct. 27, Nov. 10 and Nov. 17). The shows will re-air on FUEL TV (dates TBA) and in 90 countries worldwide via international syndication.

Title Sponsor of the Dos Equis Desert XX and JSBA Dos Equis World Finals is Dos Equis.

Co-sponsors of this year’s Dos Equis Desert XX and IJSBA Dos Equis World Finals are Accutron (Bulova), Kawasaki and Sea-Doo. Associate sponsors are: Fly Racing, Skat-Trak, Jet Pilot, Nintendo, Atlas Insurance, Rockstar and Arizona Road Runner.

The official website of the IJSBA Dos Equis World Finals is The site is providing daily results, photos and updates along with LIVE broadcast of the public address dialogue through audio streaming.

IMG Action Sports is handling sales, marketing and producing this year’s massive, internationally televised event with a small army of nearly 300 staff and volunteers.

Based in Los Angeles, IMG Action Sports is a division of IMG, the world’s largest company dedicated to the marketing of sport, leisure and lifestyle. The division produces more than 25 events per year. For information regarding IMG:

The IJSBA, headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, is the worldwide sanctioning body for personal watercraft racing, with affiliated associations, organizations and members in over 50 countries across the globe. For more information, contact the IJSBA at 714.751.8695.

International Jet Sports Boating Association
2004 IJSBA Dos Equis World Finals Of Personal Watercraft Racing
October 3-10, 2004, Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Friday, October 8 Results

LAKE HAVASU CITY, AZ -- Top finishers from Friday’s (October 8) Pro-Am, Expert and Amateur classes for the overall world Championships in the 23rd International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) Dos Equis World Finals. With Class, Position, Name, Hometown, Manufacturer (Moto Finishes, Slalom Finish).

Pro-Am Ski Modified (six laps per moto) – 1, Jordan Fielder, Nottingham, England, Kawasaki (1-1); 2. Lorenzo Zamprogna, Porto Alegre, Brazi, Kawasakil (4-2); 3. Chris Fischetti, Lake Havasu City, AZ, Kawasaki (3-3); 4. William Miller, Pasco, Wash., Yamaha (2-6); 5. Kenneth Reeves, Kennewick, Wash., Yamaha (5-5).

Pro-Am Ski Stock (six laps per moto) – 1. Victor Sheldon, Vista, CA, Polaris (1-1); 2. Chris Fischetti, Lake Havasu City, AZ, Polaris (2-2); 3. Mike Klippenstein, Fort McMurray, Canada, Kawasaki (3-3); 4. Warren Baze, Kennewick, Wash., Kawasaki (4-4); Dio Ramirez, Palm Springs, CA, Kawasaki (5-5).

Pro-Am Runabout 1200 Modified (six laps per moto) – 1. Dustin Farthing, Port St. Lucia, Fla., Kawasaki (1-1); 2. K. C. Heidler, Laguna Beach, CA, Yamaha (4-2); 3. Rick Kantola, Henderson, CO, Sea-Doo (6-3); 4. Aaron Dellinger, Salinda, Kan., Kawasaki (5-4); 5. Timothy Neff, Melbourne, Fla., Yamaha (3-6)

Pro-Am Runabout 1200 Stk (six laps per moto) – 1. John Gondini, North Las Vegas, Nev., Sea-Doo (1-1); 2. Scott Phillips, Blackiston, Australia, Sea-Doo (3-2); 3. James Bushell, Wisbeck, England, Sea-Doo (2-3); 4. Kyle Consoli, Goleta, CA, Sea-Doo (4-4); 5.Angela Bertozzi, Italy, Sea-Doo (6-5).

Sport SS (six laps per moto) – 1. Chaowalit Kuajaroon, Pattaya, Thailand, Sea-Doo (1-1); 2. Tony Smith, Palmdale, CA, Sea-Doo (4-3); 3. Edward Shawn Quemoda, Diamond Bar, CA, Sea-Doo (3-4); 4. Theerawat Larhib, Pattaya, Thailand, Sea-Doo (13-2); 5. Grant Wingenback, Fowler, CA, Yamaha (8-8).

Expert Ski SS (six laps per moto) - 1. Jean Baptiste Botti, Porte De Buifaceo, France, Polaris (3-1, 1); 2. Wain Burt, Auckland, New Zealand, Kawasaki (2-3, 6); 3. Jamal Belhasni, Morocco, Kawasaki (5-2, 3); 4. Mike Klippenstein, Fort McMurray, Canada, Kawasaki (1-6, 2); 5. Todd Barham, Auckland, New Zealand, Kawasaki (6-7, 8)

Expert Ski Limited (six laps per moto) – 1. Mike Klippenstein, Fort McMurray, Canada, Kawasaki (1-1, 1); 2. Ronny Mangerud, Raelingen, New Zealand, Yamaha (7-2, 6); 3. Aaron Boatman, Riverside, CA, Kawasaki (2-4, 3); 4. Jean Baptiste, Porte De Buifaceo, France, Polaris (11-3, 4); 5. Andy Carayon, France, Kawasaki (5-5, 9).

Expert Veterans Ski SS (six laps per moto) - 1. Mike Klippenstein, Fort McMurray, Canada, Kawasaki (1-1, 1); 2. Rick Kantola, Henderson, Colo. Kawasaki (2-2, 3); 3. Dan Fitzgerald, Sylmar, CA, Kawasaki (6-3, 7); 4. Jeff Wright, Grandview, Mo., Kawasaki (5-5, 2); 5. Ludovic Caumont, France, Polaris (3-4, 21).

Expert Runabout 1200 SS (six laps per moto) – 1. Theerawat Larhib, Pattaya, Thailand, Sea-Doo (2-1, 2); 2. Jayme Cheney, West Fargo, N. D., Sea-Doo (3-3, 4); 3. Steve Gold, Chandler, AZ, Yamaha (6-5, 3); 4. Nakorn Iamsamang, Samootsakorn, Thailand, Sea-Doo (4-6, 10); 5. Scott Biggs, Lakeworth, Fla., Yamaha (11-2, 5).

Expert Runabout 1200 Ltd (six laps per moto) – 1. Celio Vinicius Oliveira, Goiani, Brazil, Sea-Doo (5-2, 2); 2. Jayme Cheney, West Fargo, N. D., Sea-Doo (4-1, 9); 3. Paul Del Rosario, Quezon City, Phillipines, Sea-Doo (8-4, 7); 4. Jason Smith, Georgetown, Cayman Island, Kawasaki (7-5, 5); 5. Matt Landfried, North Platte, Neb., Kawasaki (3-10, 6).

Expert Runabout 800 SS (six laps per moto) – 1. Phanom Khunjeng, Pattaya, Thailand, Sea-Doo (1-2, 4); 2. Ali Al Shamali, Kuwait, Sea-Doo (10-3, 1); 3. Saroj Phimnil, Pattaya, Thailand, Sea-Doo (9-1, 3); 4. Tim Ducat, Belleview, Fla., Sea-Doo (4-6, 6); 5. Corey Heinann, Argyle, Tex., Polaris (7-5, 5)

Expert Runabout 800 Ltd (six laps per moto) – 1. Rob Borycki, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Sea-Doo (1-2, 3); 2. Rick Maj, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Sea-Doo (2-3, 4); 3. Tim Ducat, Belleview, Fla., Sea-Doo (5-10, 1); 4. Kevin Nitschke, Eastlake, Ohio, Sea-Doo (4-4, 7); 5. Mark Rossmeisl, Franklin, Mass., Sea-Doo (7-7, 16).

Amateur Freestyle (Score, maximum of 50 points) – 1, Joao Neto, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Yamaha, 47.4; 2. Nac Floriancic, Maribor, Slovaniia, Yamaha, 46.2; 3. Everson Prodocimo, Quatro Barras, Brazil, Yamaha, 45.3; 4. Daniel Ashcroft, Euxton Chorley, England, Yamaha, 44.7; 5. Jeremy Parr, Seabrook, TX, Yamaha, 44.5. / News

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