10/19 Davis Dam Flows Could Fluctuate Substantially
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Davis Dam Flows Could Fluctuate Substantially

During Next Two Weeks; Rivers Users, Others Should Be Alert For Changes

Fisherman, boaters and other users of the Colorado River below Davis Dam should be aware that water releases from the dam may rapidly increase or decrease without warning from October 16th through at least November 2nd.

It may be necessary to make these sudden changes to maintain Lake Mohave at a stable elevation while the National Park Service is installing a new boat ramp at Katherine Landing, just upstream of the dam.

Throughout this period, daily releases from the dam will most likely range from 8,600 cubic feet per second to more than 20,000 cfs. There is a remote possibility, however, that flows less than 8,600 cfs may occur. Currently, the average daily releases from Davis Dam are approximately 18,800 cfs.

Although changes to releases could occur at any time of the day, they are most likely to occur in the afternoon. Such schedule changes may affect the magnitude of the releases scheduled for both the remainder of the current day and those scheduled for the following day.

The changes, if they occur, are not expected to substantially affect the levels of either Lake Mohave or Lake Havasu.

Lake Mohave is scheduled to be at elevation 630 feet above sea level on or before October 20th. It will be maintained at this elevation until approximately November 2nd, or until the new boat ramp has been installed.

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